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While they’ve traveled the world over, the Adduci family has called Glen Ellyn, Illinois, home for the last four decades. Married in 1970, Tony and Lynne Adduci laid down roots for their 14 kids. In 1998, with eight biological children at home, Lynne and Tony traveled to Vietnam to pick up their first adopted child: Grace.

“Tony’s brother was killed during the Vietnam War in 1969, and unbeknownst to us, Grace was from the same village where he died. We had an instant connection to her.”

The Adduci’s soon caught “the adoption bug” and adopted four more girls from 1999 to 2007. When ready to adopt again, Tony and Lynne found an orphanage in Chengdu, China, and viewed a video of a sweet young girl who had trouble walking. The Adduci’s immediately started adoption paperwork, and were told they had 48-hours to make a decision. Unsure of what the family’s insurance would cover, the Adduci’s were determined to find the best way to provide long-term care for this child. After internet research on gait and limb abnormalities, Lynne came across Shriners Hospitals for Children Chicago. She called and spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Ackman, MD, chief of staff. Lynne explained her situation and the urgency of an answer.

“Dr. Ackman’s words were enlightened,” Lynne recalls, “After reviewing Georgie’s case, he was confident that his team of experts at Shriners Hospital could help her. He put our minds at ease.”

After waiting months for the adoption proceedings, the Adduci’s when to Chengdu, China, and picked up their little girl on February 13, 2011, shortly after her 5th birthday. They named her Georgiana, “Georgie” for short, after Tony’s aunt. At the orphanage, Georgie threw her arms around Tony and was thrilled the meet her parents. She came home to Illinois and was introduced to the large Adduci clan.

Georgie’s first appointment with Dr. Ackman at Shriners Hospital was in May 2011. It was determined she has arthrogryposis, a condition causing stiff joints and abnormal development of muscles. For the first five years of her life, Georgie walked unsteadily by swinging her leg out in front of her, and her back heel did not touch the ground. She needed tendon lengthening, and had surgery on August 2, 2011. Georgie is now in leg braces; a different set for day and night. Her mobility has increased significantly, and she can now climb stairs: a task that proved too difficult before surgery.

Lynne is planning to make a video of Georgie’s walking progress to send to the director of the orphanage in Chengdu. Georgie is a smart, adventurous girl who enjoys reading and going new places. With thirteen siblings, seven currently living at home, Georgie always has a playmate.

Lynne constantly sings the praises of Dr. Ackman and his team. “The care at Shriners Hospital is amazing, and we can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you, Shriners.”



William R Kuehn
Chairman of the Board of Governors, SHC – Chicago
Shriners Hospitals for Children®
January 2012



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